Many interpretations, one master – Da Vinci’s The Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is an iconic image and many artists have been inspired by this work of art. Ahead of time, if I accidentally credited the wrong person or the original artist did not receive credit and a link, please contact me and I will remedy this situation immediately. Special thanks to all the websites that have posted these images. Here are some of the less classic:

above: Last Supper Collage, 2013 by Akira Hashiguchi


The Last Supper by Anthony Falbo:


The Doctor Who Penultimate Last Supper by Ray Freisen aka RaiseGrate:

The Last Supper, Just Before Dinner by Mike Holzer:

The Last Supper of Sin by Atomikboy available at

The Last Supper by Giampaolo Ghisetti available at

The Last Supper by Dan Perez available at

The Last Supper by Thomas Dodd available at

My Rendition of The Last Supper by Tonya Nicole available at

The Last Round by Juan Schaar available at

The Last Time I Eat At Your House by Sam Dantone available at

United Colors of Religion by Ronald Wigman available at

The Last Supper by Dolladay available at

The Last Supper (Pandas) by Darren Stein available at

The Last Dinner (Sock Monkeys) by Randy Burns available at

He-Man Villains Epic Last Supper by Gumley available at


Star Trek Reboot Last Supper by Capt. Mac available at

The Last Supper (Pokemon Version) by Kabocha Tarute:

Dr. Who Action Figures Last Supper by Big Bang Boutique on etsy:

A Star Trek Last Supper  (artist unknown):

Zombies Last Supper by grim86 on deviantART

The Nighthawks Last Supper (an homage to Edward Hopper) by brandtk deviantArt:


Disney Princess Last Supper by Marytott deviantArt:

Game of Thrones Last Supper by Sheila Rooswitha Putri:

The Last Supper At Chuck E. Cheese by haxman999 deviantArt:

The Last Supper (If It Took Place Today) by algarmen deviantArt:

The LOST Last Supper by Ryan Nore deviantArt:


The Avengers Last Supper by swankkat deviantArt:

The Last Supper by morganpenn deviantArt:

Cubism Last Supper by eddietheyeti deviantArt:

The Lesbian Last Supper

This commissioned piece was created by Bronwyn Lundberg and features Jane Lynch,  Linda Perry, “Shane McCutcheon” as Judas, Sandra Bernhard, Rachel Maddow, Portia de Rossi, Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, KD Lang, Lily Tomlin, Heather Matarazzo, Melissa Etheridge, and Rosie O’Donnell. You can purchase prints here.


Another Zombie Last Supper, this one by by Erik Arreaga and Enrique Robled:

A Paint by Numbers version of the Last Supper ( Vermont Art Zine):

The Last Supper by artist Viktorija Bulava (1973):

Last Supper for dinner anyone?