I am a teacher – let me show a video – the sad state of teaching.

I have recently been substituting for other professors and I have found a few that do nothing but show movies a la Bad Teacher. Seriously?

I can see doing it once or twice a semester but every day? And if you must and you can’t come up with 2 hours of compelling information to share with your students, can’t you at least get good videos?

I watch the stuff I show my students. If it bores me and I care about the subject, how are they going to feel? I talk over parts of my videos as well; I seem to have interesting and entertaining points and it keeps them from falling asleep. I pause my videos and we discuss mid-video to keep it interesting.

And all of this “movie showing” for me is phoning it in. It’s calling a day off.

It is our job to fill their brains with information, not let someone else do it. Oh yeah, and I found a few videos to have incorrect information. FAIL!


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